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Graham Avenue

To say this record has been a long time coming is a bit of an understatement. The band originally got together in the Sydney suburb of Lurnea in 1976. We were four young men all attending the same school who wanted to be rock stars and exit a dreary life in the suburbs.


We played covers of all our favourite rock bands and like all teenagers wrote maudlin love songs about girls, who for one reason or another, couldn’t recognize our well hidden talent.


The band went the way of most school bands. Members got girl friends, others left school for jobs and life just generally got in the way of the music.


Time passed, people scattered, until technology and the death of a friend allowed four old men who live in separate parts of the country to be friends again across the internet.


We found that suddenly we had plenty of things to write songs about. A whole lifetime of experience – love, betrayal, life, death, sickness, wealth, the future, the past and the planet.


The songs contained here were started in 2015 over the Internet using Garageband as a scratchpad and Logic to assemble demos. The final versions were re recorded at A Sharp Studios in Sydney under the auspices of Richard Lake and Daniel Natoli and with the mixing skills of Steve James.


It has taken us four years to complete this record and it has been a labour of love. You could argue that it’s taken us fourty  years. We hope you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed making the record.


Extratime. May, 2019


Brendan McNamara

David Curran

Joe Geranio

Greg Reilly


Daniel Natoli

Peter Koopman

Mike Pensini

Tim Firth

Harry Brus

Will Gilbert

Amanda Easton

Sarina Jennings

Giancarlo Ursino


Richard Lake

Daniel Natoli


Steve James


Matthew Gray


Lincoln Harrison


Perfect Kiss // Extra Time

This song started out as a simple minor chord progression and

only really came to life with the piano refrain. For whatever reason

it reminded us of Once Upon A Time in America. So the tune

became a kind of love letter to the movie.

A furtive glance

What does it say

Try not to stare

And give your cool away

Desperately trying

To find the words

There's no denying

What is obvious

When you looked into

Those resolute eyes

The unasked question

Where your bravery died

He still dreams

Of that perfect kiss

When he wakes in the night

Its still on his lips

Never able to say

What his eyes confess

As the moment slipped through

His fingertips

You cant have your life

Over again

And even if you could

Why would it be better

Sweeter, truer

If you strip it away

You aren't what you own

If you lay yourself bare

You still are what you've known

You are what you know

The magic is only

In our heads
All we have are the memories

Through which

We are

Condemned to tread

She still dreams

Of that perfect kiss

When she wakes in the night

Its still on her lips

Never able to say 

What her eyes confess

As the moment slipped through

Her fingertips

© 2019 by Extra Time. 


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